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The Mantra to remain healthy: “Go Organic”

In order to protect the crops against pests like insects, bacteria, fungus as well as rodents farmers use Pesticides.
In order to have a better yield of crops farmers more often use chemical pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO s)which are extremely harmful for human health as well as the environment. 
Children are the worst victims! A study by the Natural Resource Defense Council  shows a higher incidence of childhood leukemia, brain cancer and birth defects among children who had early exposure to pesticides.
Fetal growth disorders, low birth weight,  greater risk of Parkinson’s disease even  at lower levels of pesticides, lower cognitive score are among the other impacts.
These chemicals remain in the body for a long period and get deposited in the liver. The adverse health impacts may include: Liver & kidney damage, fatigue, nausea,  skin irritations, vomiting, breathing problems, brain disorder, reproductive damage, cancer and even death.
Then What is the Solution? The solution is to consume organically grown safe food products.
Why Organic Food?
Organic food including cereals, pulses, millet, spices, milk, fruits, vegetables, meat are food that are grown using organic farming techniques. Organic farming  is a method of farming which discourages the use of harmful chemical pesticides  & petrochemical fertilizers. It adopts ecologically balanced agricultural practices  like biological pest control , green manure , crop rotation, organic waste, mineral and rock.
  • People who are allergic to chemicals, or preservatives  get relieved of such allergic reactions when they start consuming organic food
  • Organic  food contains a greater degree of beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than conventional food
  • Organic food strictly follows the requirements  set forth by the organic  standards like NPOP (National Programme for  Organic Production)hence, are very safe to consume
  • It does not contain harmful petrochemical compounds & chemical pesticides, hence very safe for children to consume as there is no chance of accumulation of these chemicals in the liver
  • Organic food is always fresh and hence, tastes much better. The reason is they are produced in small quantities as preservatives are not used to store them for long.
  • Fresh food tastes better. Organic food is usually fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer
  • Organic food is free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). In order to make the crops resistant to pests, to increase their yield and certain other qualities the DNA of crops and animals are altered which cannot be achieved naturally.  These GMOs affect human reproductive and digestive systems. Organic food are free of GMOs.
  • Organic Farming is environment friendly. It helps to reduce water, soil & air pollution, reduces soil erosion, maintains soil quality, conserves water,  increases soil fertility & uses less energy. Pesticide free farming  is safer for nearby birds, animals and even the people working on the farms and living close by.

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