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Lessons from the Vatican Sustainability Summit

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Thanks to Pope Francis, Climate Change has become the buzzword not only of the informed class, but also of the devoted global citizen at large. Recently concluded Vatican summit on sustainability has brought to light the Pope's sharp criticism on emerging development trends sans sustainability. The need for action to combat environmental degradation was  emphasized.
Pope chose the words ' filth ' and ' rubbish ' to describe the present day earth. He spared none while terming as contributors towards this change, from profit-oriented businesses to the callous common man, almost all of us.Preserving nature for the future generations to come is a vital responsibility
shouldered on every individual alive.
This message makes one think on the different methods that can be adopted to preserve nature. One of the many ways could be, choosing ecofriendly products manufactured and sold by socially responsible organizations. For instance, one of the manufacturers of organic cotton clothing, not only make ecofriendly shirts, but also pack them in oxo biodegradable bags which can either be recycled or allowed to decompose under bacterial exposure. 
Every human activity comes back in some way or the other. The impact of environmental pollution on the poor is immense and being sensitive to people needs is imperative.
Environmental sustainability does not restrict itself to flora and fauna.The livelihood of the local population too, needs consideration. A washable cloth pad manufacturer who promote menstrual hygiene, have understood this clearly. The cloth pads are stitched by the economically disadvantaged rural women surrounding Tamil Nadu region, who in turn are educated on these taboo topics. Also, a part of the sale proceeds are donated towards education and gifting of cloth pads to the rural girls.

The greed to have everything on our platter, irrespective of need, has lead to copious amounts of wastage. Exploitation of all kinds of resources results which in turn affects the surroundings.
The most commonly wasted product, that too for human waste would be diapers. On an average, a single baby uses around 3000 disposable diapers adding to one ton of garbage, each diaper needing 50 decades to biodegrade. An organization offers a solution to this with it's reusable cloth diapers and
skin-friendly diaper inserts. By reusing them, we reduce on excessive purchasing of a product which is both resource-exploitative and harmful to the environment in the long run.

It's high time we initiate steps to stop such malicious acts of nature destruction and join hands towards environmental protection, thereby achieving sustainable development. Some of the known measures include alternate energy sources in the place of fossil fuels, reduced and recycled usage, promotion of public transportation and cutting down on technology reliance.
As requested by Pope, alternate energy usage would be beneficial in several ways. Sunlight is one of the best renewable energy sources. One best way could be solar power solutions for our everyday energy requirements, as offered by a few organizations.

Pope, though begins with environmental problems and stresses on the need for change in our values and lifestyle, completes his encyclical on a positive note that together, we could make this world a better place for survival, if we chose to consume with care. That is precisely what ecochoice.in, the ecommerce portal for ecofriendly products aims at achieving in the days to come.

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