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About Us

Welcome to Ecochoice, your online store and shopping guide for Eco products.

Our products are chosen very carefully after a rigorous process of selection developed over the last 3 years. It is based on a study of the product’s entire lifecycle - from ingredients to packaging and to disposal. At Ecochoice.in ,  we strive to bring to you Eco-Friendly alternatives to products that you use every day.

Vision of Ecochoice:

Our vision is to create the largest online marketplace of ‘Eco-friendly’ product suppliers in order to ensure easy availability of these products and better living for the consumers. The term ‘Eco-friendly products’ encompasses organic, natural, health enhancing, eco-friendly, energy efficient, and all other products that help to maintain a sustainable & healthy life.


Mission of Ecochoice:

Our mission is to provide the citizens a healthier living, reduce environmental degradation and help reduce energy costs through:

  • Promotion of eco-friendly, organic, natural, health enhancing, energy efficient and renewable energy products
  • Awareness creation on benefits of these products by giving a platform to the vendors of these products to reach out to the customers
  • Enlisting only those products which fulfill our minimum criteria of being at least 75% natural
  • Recognizing those products or vendors which have travelled the extra mile to show their commitment towards sustainability and healthy living
  • Providing complete information about the product so as to guide the consumer to make an informed purchase
  • Ensuring a wonderful user experience of online shopping and delivery of goods as per the promised date