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Comparative study on Detergent & Cleaners

Common Detergent & Cleaners
Ecochoice Detergent & Cleaners
 Ingredient Combination 1. Mixture of various synthetic materials
2. Materials from petroleum derivatives
3. Mixture Chemical compounds
1. Free from petrochemicals, phosphate, chlorine, sulfates, parabens and other harmful chemicals
2. Ingredients are extracted from Grain alcohol, coconut or other plant oils, rosemary and sage
3. Natural bleaches like borax, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar

Environmental Impact 1. Production of the laundry detergent has the second highest contribution on the carbon footprint
2. Containers used to store detergents are often not biodegradable or recyclable
3. abundance of H+ ions causes soil acidification
4. Detergent is reducing the breeding ability of aquatic organisms.
5. Eutrophication of fresh water, particularly by phosphate-based detergents
6. Pollute the Natural water bodies
7. Eliminate bacteria that make septic system works ineffectually
1. Natural qualities of organic detergent won’t interfere with the septic process and are perfectly safe for homes with these systems
2. Organic laundry detergents don't affect the air & water but even improve its quality, due to the natural ingredients they release.
3. Biodegradable ingredients of organic detergent are much better for the environment in general.
4. Containers of eco friendly detergents are biodegradable or recyclable
Health Impact 1.Irritation of the skin and eyes
2.Vomiting, coughing or choking, red eyes/conjunctivitis and drowsiness or lethargy
3.Toxic & carcinogens to humans and other organisms
1.Organic detergent is hypoallergenic to help people with skin sensitivities
2.The natural ingredients of organic detergent are safer to breathe during use, making for a safer home environment for family, pets, and our self.