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The Mantra to remain Healthy

Please STOP consuming chemicals. STOP using chemicals on your skin & Hair!!

In order to protect the crops against pests like insects, bacteria, fungi as well as rodents farmers use Pesticides. Pesticides can be either biological or chemical. Biological pesticides  are microorganisms which have no harmful effects on humans or environment and do not leave any persistent residue.  However, in order to have a better yield of crops farmers more often use chemical pesticides which are extremely harmful for human health as well as the environment. In spite of their harmful nature, some of the most toxic chemicals have been approved to be used as pesticides.

As farming has become a well established business for some farmers and growers, they indiscriminately use these harmful pesticides and genetically modified  organisms to ensure a higher yield of crops with the desired characteristics with no consideration whatsoever for the adverse impacts on human health and the environment. As a result we are exposing ourselves and our children to such harmful chemicals and toxins by consuming the crops grown using these pesticides.

Children are the worst victims! A study by the Natural Resource Defense Council  shows a higher incidence of childhood leukemia, brain cancer and birth defects among children who had early exposure to pesticides. Fetal growth disorders, low birth weight,  greater risk of Parkinson’s disease even  at lower levels of pesticides, lower cognitive score are among the other impacts.

These chemicals remain in the body for a long period and get deposited in the liver. They may have different reactions to different food one consumes  at any point of time even  when used at ‘safe’ levels as claimed by the cultivators. The adverse health impacts may include: Liver & kidney damage, fatigue, nausea,  skin irritations, vomiting, breathing problems, brain disorder, reproductive damage, cancer and even death.