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Why Ecochoice ?

In today’s scenario of prevailing confusion and doubt among all of us as to which product is safe to consume, which to use, it would have been a great help if there was some means of evaluating the product before we purchased it.

Ecochoice has gone two step ahead in the ‘green’ path compared to other e-commerce sites to present to all consumers the evaluation of each product.

  • The first step is to enlist only products which are at least 75% eco-friendly (i.e., organic, natural, herbal, safe, energy efficient etc.). Products which fail to fulfill this criteria are not enlisted on Ecochoice. 
  • The second big step has been the ‘Evaluation of Products’ enlisted on Ecochoice. In association with renowned non-profit organization Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), Ecochoice has developed an internal system of Evaluation of all the products it hosts, in a very simple manner  through symbols or badges. This will help the consumers take an informed purchase decision. 

Each badge is a parameter that determines the degree of eco-friendliness of the product. A product can achieve a highest of 5 badges based on the 5 most important parameters relevant to the product. Products or vendors which excel in these parameters will earn badges as shown below.







Product Ingredients

This parameter evaluates the amount of natural ingredients present in the product and presence of synthetic or artificial ingredients, if any.  90% of the contents have to be natural ingredients for the product to earn the leaf (natural) badge.

Chemical usage in production

 A product earns the Free of Chemicals badge if there is negligible or no chemical usage during production. No chemicals during production contributes to better health through reduced pesticide exposure, minimum/no impacts of the harmful chemicals on human health and natural ecosystems and increased nutritional quality. 



An Eco certification declares to the public that a product conforms to certain norms and regulations set forth by the government or an agency, in order to ensure the product information is genuine. The product must have at least one eco certification to earn the certification badge.



This parameter evaluates the quality of packaging in terms of usage of non-plastic based, biodegradable or recyclable packaging. The product packaging has to be biodegradable or recyclable in order to earn the recyclable badge.


Health/Environmental Benefits

This badge is given to products which have specific health benefits & enhances one's health in one or more ways. The benefit or contribution to the environment by way of using the particular product  is also mentioned.