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Common Oxen Berry Good - Natural Soap Berry Flakes
Common Oxen

Common Oxen Berry Good - Natural Soap Berry Flakes

Rs. 215.00

  • Features:
    • Highly concentrated - lasts for 35+ regular washing machine loads.
    • Flaked soap berry shells - for the quicker and complete release of saponins into water. Himalayan variety - contains maximum saponins and a naturally lighter colour for better washes and whites.
    • Low foaming & fragrance free - requires less water to rinse off. Makes clothes incredibly soft.
    • Hypo-allergenic - great for washing children's clothes.
  • Ingredients: Soap Berry Flakes - Sapindus Mukorossi / Himalayan variety.
    Also includes a teaspoon measure and a muslin bag for soaking.
  • Green benefits:
      • Free of Parfums (synthetic fragrance: derma and respiratory allergen), Phthalates (for persistent fragrance: penetration enhancer, allergen and male reproductive toxin), MEA/DEA/TEA (stain remover: carcinogenic with nitrites), Phosphates (disperses dirt: destroys surface water ecosystems), Triclosan (anti-bacterial agent: carcinogenic & thyroid-disrupting), SLS/SLES (foaming agent - carcinogenic & hormone-disrupting) and others.
      • Clothes free of toxic chemicals.
      • A washing machine free of chemical residue. Protecting our ground water, lakes and rivers


      • Health benefits:
          • Home air free of toxic synthetic fragrance,
          • Hypo-allergenic (safe for children).
    • Machine tips: use 2 full teaspoons of flakes for a 5kg load of laundry. For really heavy loads soak the bag for 10 minutes in very hot water. Then add it to your regular laundry.
    • Hand wash tips: pour 2 full teaspoons of flakes into the cotton bag and tie it up. Soak in very hot water for 10 minutes. Leave for half an hour and wash as typical.
    • Used flakes can be composted

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