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LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

Rs. 1,820.00

  1. Specification:
    • Product name: LED Flood Light Higher Wattage
    • Light Source: High Power SMD LED
    • System Wattage:
      • KT/BL 78W: 78W ± 2%
      • KT/BL 104W: 104W ± 2%
      • KT/BL 124W: 124W ± 2%
    • Input Voltage Range: 140-270 V AC
    • Finishing: Powder Coating
    • Dimensions: 379x309x221mm
    • Output Lumens per Watt: 100 lm
    • LED Beam Angle: 120˚
    • Temperature:
      • Warm White: 2700-3700 ˚K
      • Cool White: 5600-7000 ˚K
  1. Certifications:
    • Company Certifications:
      • ISO 9001:2008
      • ISO 14001:2004
  1. Applications:
    • Pathway/Stages/Building/Subway Illuminations
    • Factories, manufactories units
    • Indoor/Outdoor Stadiums
    • Retail Stores/Shopping Malls

Electricity Saving (hence, cost saving):

An 18 Watt (W) LED tube light can replace a 40W general T8 tube light without affecting the illuminance. Hence, electricity saving is more than 64 units per year, considering the light operates for 8 hours per day.

A 6-8 Watt(W) LED can replace a 40W Incandescent light. The reason is a 6-8W LED produces the same light output(Lumen) as a 40 W incandescent light per unit of electricity consumed. Hence, electricity saving is more than 93 units per year, considering the light operates for 8 hours per day.

Light output: Light output per unit of electricity consumed (Lumen per Watt) for an LED is double (120-140 Lumen/W) for that of general T8 Tube Light (60-80 Lumen/W). Hence, for the lower Watt same illumination is possible using LEDs.

Life: LED have a life of more than 50,000 burning hours i.e., 10-15 years. Whereas, T8 Tube lights have a life of 10,000-20,000 burning hours i.e., 3-4 years.

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